Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Rumors of My Demise...

... ain't so. But I have been on the road for several weeks and unable to spend enough time in SL to shop, take photos and blog. But hey, I'm back and will return to posting this weekend (after a shopping jag, of course). =)

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

LBD - LaCasa Flexi Dress

I admit it, I'm a junkie for LBD Ready to Wear. I almost tripped over myself getting over to the store after receiving the group announcement about the LeCasa Flexi Dress new release. Translucent but interesting is so hard to accomplish and LeeZu Baxter simply makes it look easy. The dress is a rich blend of hues from cream to deep chocolate with a light airy sheer prim skirt topped with a form fitting honeycomb patterned top accented with circular cutouts.

The set includes both a micro-mini and above the knee length skirt as well as an upper skirt attachment that raises the waistline to an empire. An obvious winner with a chocolate pump, I was thrilled to find that it works with both ankle and knee length boots beautifully. It's a hard match to anything at the neck, but definitely an outfit that calls for a pair of edgy earrings or an armful of bangles. I didn't hesitate to pick this up at L$350 and neither should you.
Pick up the set at LeeZu Baxter Designs Main Store at To the Nines.
On the left:
Outfit - LaCasa Flexi Dress by LBD
Boots - Bloom (Brown) by Maitreya
Skin - Vivant Feline (Bronze) by Fleur
Hair - Pompadour (Black) by Zero Style

On the right:
Outfit - LaCasa Flexi Dress by LBD
Shoes - Mishima Dawn (Ruff Leather Brown) by Maitreya
Skin - Vivant Feline (Bronze) by Fleur
Hair - The Poynter (True Black) by Armidi

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Group Gift of the Month - March

Wow, this was a huge month for gifts and hunts and holiday freebies from almost every single one of my favorite designers. For the second month in a row, ::69:: is way up on the list, giving out the matching outfit to last month's Tartan Pumps and then raised the bar again with six freebies from hunting for rings at their new store location - each ring was a pair of unique and stylish pumps. Evie's Closet had several group specials including a Romany Kiss Recolor that was also a Clothing Fair freebie. I also loved the March gown Midnight Kiss from Kouse's Sanctum and the group exclusive color Jeanius outfit from Veschi.

Still, when I lined everything up and started trying them all out, the incredible detail and thought and effort that went into Sparkle Skye's March group events put them over the top. First there were three weekly dresses in three lengths, followed by a St. Patrick's Day shamrock and pot of gold hunt for hats, shoes, dresses, even wands and wings. All mix and match in shimmering greens with lace and rose detailing. In addition to the gifts from Sparkle Skye, Alienbear Designs gave a coordinating jewelry set to match each week's gown. Thank you to Sparkle Skye and all the designers that made March so much fun with Easter Egg and Shamrock hunts and gave such terrific group gifts.

Sparkle Skye Main Store at ImagineNation
(Group Name - Sparkle Skye Designs , Cost to Join - L$0, Group Tag - Simply Irresistable)