Friday, February 29, 2008

Nicky Ree - Dragon Princess Bodysuit

I've loved this catsuit since the day I bought it and no, I'm not going to mix it with anything in my wardrobe simply because it is so many options in itself. Plus, well, it's a catsuit - those pretty much stand alone and this one will definitely put you in your own league. Now, I didn't go into Designing Nicky Ree for a catsuit, I went to look at the gowns. Well, as they say, a funny thing happened on the way - I saw the Dragon Princess bodysuit and couldn't reach for my Lindens fast enough.
The full outfit has 13 pieces, including multiple layer tops (bikini, midriff, open and closed jacket) and pants (bikini bottom and pants), stockings, gloves with bands and a brushed metal belt that finishes the look. Equally good with ankle boots or thigh highs (or anything in between), the array of options in layers and styles also makes it great for combining with a variety of tattoos and piercings. Sleek and subtle with a muted silver dragon winding its way down the length, the suit manages to look both revealing and understated at the same time, giving you far more places where it fits in than you would think initially.

You get a ridiculous number of options for only L$380 per suit and, even though I didn't mix any of the pieces with other separates, it can certainly be done. The suit comes in six colors, all with dragon in corresponding complementary shade - purple, blue, black, aqua, green and earth. The earth toned suit is particularly spectacular but didn't seem quite right for my coloring, though I think it would be amazing on tall, pale redheads...
Explore your feline side at the Designing Nicky Ree Main Store.
All pictures - Dragon Princess Bodysuit by Designing Nicky Ree
Ankle boots - Thetis (Midnight) by Dark Eden
Thigh boots - Thigh High Straps by Bobbysocks

Thursday, February 28, 2008

Nyte 'N' Day - Beguile Sweater

Everyone needs those cute casual outfits that can pretty much go anywhere other than the swimming pool or ballroom. Over time I've developed a series of favorites that I reach for over and over because they always look good and are "easy to assemble". Beguile from Nyte 'N' Day is one of those and (shocking, I know) I fell hard for the plum outfit the minute I saw it - so you know it's a winner if I actually bought it in a color. When I put the sweater on with a pair of jeans and then pulled out my violet boots I knew I'd made a great purchase with a lot of casual flexibility and style.

The whole outfit consists of 10 pieces which include the sweater top, collar and sleeves, two jacket tops with 2 belt styles, shorts, skirt and optional frayed belt. I have to admit that I had a bit of trouble adjusting the skirt, but that is entirely my marginal editing skills combined with my shape - nothing to do with the designer at all, I promise. You can get Beguile in scarlet, burnt siena, plum and smoke for only L$215 each and you will more than get your wearings out of any one of them.

For the perfect "lounging by the fire after a night of dancing" sweater, get beguiled at the Nyte 'N' Day Main Store.

On the left:
Outfit - Beguile (Plum) by Nyte 'N' Day
Boots - Bloom (Violet) by Maitreya

On the right:
Sweater - Beguile (Plum) by Nyte 'N' Day
Belt - Lilith by Dark Eden
Jeans - Dahlia by Last Call
Boots - Thetis (Midnight) by Dark Eden

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Stiletto Moody - Bitch Booties

Well, I had the blog post all laid out for today and that plan came screeching to a halt the minute I put these fabulous ankle boots on. I changed clothes, went out dancing and had a complete stranger comment on them and ask for the landmark within minutes of rezzing, so I infer from that the boots are just as spectacular to other people as they are to me. Which is very.

Oddly, these seemed a little more difficult to dress for than I had expected. I found that very simple elegant styles or very strong styles worked best, with the first letting the shoes take center stage and the second balancing the incredible level of detail. More "day to day" looks simply faded into the background, so plan to pull out some of your most detailed and texture rich outfits to pair with these. They come in four colors (black, deer, snakeskin and a retro pattern), two detail strap colors (black and tan) and 2 heels (black and champagne) for a ton of options, but if you want a full set, at L$875 each, bring a full wallet with you. That said, expect to be delighted with your purchase(s) whether you buy one or a closet full.

The additional features of the shoes are entirely menu driven by clicking the left shoe. The boots include heel clicks for either stone or wood in a series of speeds and volumes so you can sync it to your walk and personal tastes. You can also manage the included sexy walk AO (off by default) and the soft buckle bling with the same menu system. These boots are not color change, but the Stiletto Moody styles that are change through the menus as well.

Be sure to sexy walk, with heels clicking, to the Stiletto Moody Shoes Main Store location.

Dress - Booty Call (Red) by Solange
Shoes - Bitch Booties (Black on Black) by Stiletto Moody

Outfit - Patent Leather Princess by Rfyre
Stockings - Kiss Me Dark Seamed Stockings by Insolence
Shoes - Bitch Booties (Black on Black) by Stiletto Moody

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Icing - Puma Jie Skirt

Yes, I know everyone on the planet is blogging this outfit - because it deserves it. I've always been a fan of the form fitting skirt and this is absolutely one of the best I've seen. A new release from Icing, I saw it when I went back to pick up the similarly styled Study Date outfit and simply couldn't resist grabbing this one. Now, I don't own a "dress shape" since, well, women should be shaped like women, in my opinion. Many times that leaves me looking at the rear view and wondering exactly how much junk there really is in that trunk - not so with this skirt. It looks like it was built for me - as do almost all of Icing's vintage inspired outfits.

At L$295, it's a bargain just for the skirt, but don't forget the perfectly fitted and beautifully textured red blouse that comes with it - and the puffy little prim sleeves balance the curves and the simplicity of the skirt to a T. Want something a bit more risque? Slip into the ladies room and make a few quick adjustments - one more button undone, a hint of ink peeking out of the blouse, an extra inch on the heels. Try a simple shirt with an enticing degree of sheerness and an edgy pair of stilettos and you will turn heads as you cut through a sea of floating taffeta and swirling lace.

For a modern version of a vintage flashback, visit the Icing Main Store at Mischief.

On the left:
Outfit - Puma Jie by Icing
Shoes - Succubus Pumps by ::69::
On the right:
Shirt - Open Button White (20% sheer) by X2
Skirt - Puma Jie by Icing
Shoes - Barbed Wire Stilettos by Sentou Yousei

Monday, February 25, 2008

Kurotsubaki - Cardigan Sweater

Previous blog posts to the contrary, I'm probably most often seen in jeans and sweaters. Love the sweaters. And, hey - they aren't even all black, though the one I'm featuring today is. If you haven't been to Kurotsubaki, you should definitely go look around - absolutely adorable sweaters with great textures and eyecatching designs at very reasonable prices. I'm wearing the black cardigan sweater here, which has four attachments to provide the flowing look here. If you are wanting a more form fitting silhouette, just leave them off and it looks like a different sweater.

Equally good with jeans or leather pants, gorgeous over a skirt, the black cardigan has an asymmetrical neckline and bottom adding a ton of interesting detail. Zoom in closely, you can almost feel the warmth in the textures. At L$160, seriously consider picking up all three colors (black, green, purple) or shop around and grab one of the short knit cardigans or a basic turtleneck or two but don't leave empty handed - these are foundation casual wardrobe pieces and you will find yourself reaching for them over and over.

For those cold winter nights, fill your cedar chest with sweaters from the Kurotsubaki Main Store.

On the left:
Sweater - Cardigan (black) by Kurotsubaki
Pants - Iki pants by ::Tuli::
Boots - Bloom (black) by Maitreya
On the right:
Sweater - Cardigan (black) by Kurotsubaki
Jeans - Dahlia by Last Call
Shoes - Barbed Wire Stilettos by Sentou Yousei

Sunday, February 24, 2008

Cachet - Grand Opening

Yes, Cachet is now open. Yes, I teleported when the link came through. Yes, I bought several things. Yes, this is kind of cheating since it's not one piece and I'm not mixing it with other things in my inventory, but hey - talk about adding to your collection of wonderful little black dresses...

Besides, you only have a grand opening once. Now, there are empty shelves and hangers all around, promising wonderful things, but there are a limited number of styles and colors at this point. That said, for a gal that loves black like yours truly, it was wallet damaging fun. The first thing I pulled off the racks was the long Greta dress, the second was the shorter Marlene. Starting with a base top and skirt, the three prim skirt components give both dresses a beautiful movement and flow. The fitted tops and hips emphasize the curves in all the right places and both are cut nice and low - the Greta in the back, the Marlene in the front. This will let you play around with tattoos and back jewelry galore, so have fun shopping to accessorize.

And, speaking of accessories, each comes with black veils, handbags and gloves in addition to the dress pieces and Marlene also has a pair of stylized shoulderpads and a neck ribbon to finish the look. I'm pretty sure the only thing missing is a long ivory cigarette holder to look perfect leaning against a piano in a smoky cafe. The Greta dress is $L400, Marlene is $L500 but both will take you to a huge range of places and events and leave you looking stylish and elegant.

Since everyone needs more little black dresses, take a trip to the newly opened Cachet Main Store at Glam World and grab yourself a couple of beauties.

On the left:
Dress - Greta by Cachet
On the right:
Dress - Marlene by Cachet
Shoes - Barbed Wire Stilettos by Sentou Yousei

Saturday, February 23, 2008

Maitreya - ChiChi Pumps

Sometimes when something gets blogged over and over and over, it turns into a forgotten fad gathering dust in the back of the closet rather quickly. It becomes yesterday's story almost immediately. Other times, it becomes a classic. The ChiChi pumps from Maitreya fall into the latter category. It is a rare outfit in SL that these pumps cannot be worn with and you will find yourself admiring the stylish heel over and over as you flip through all your options.

Yep, that's right - if the basic shoe isn't glorious enough and 14 colors don't give you all the options you want, they are also scripted for 16 trim colors so you can customize your footwear even further. The shoes come in blue, black, white, brown, red, fuchia, orange, yellow, purple, cream, pastel pink, pastel blue, pastel yellow and pastel green. The trim colors include all of the shoe shades plus grey and champagne. This is in fact, the only thing wrong with these shoes - that the grey and champagne aren't available in the shoe base. ;)
You have a couple of purchase options at this point - a single pair (which is really 16 pairs with the trim colors) for L$450 or all 14 colors in a Fat Pack for L$4000. The Fat Pack wasn't in my budget (though I know I'm going to regret that in the future) but I've worn the black and white pairs I got over and over with different outfits and different trim colors. This shoe is definitely a perfect piece and a must have for any closet.
Fall in love with your feet at the Maitreya Main Store.
On the left:
ChiChi Pumps (Black w/ Red) by Maitreya
On the right:
Outfit- Madame de Pompadour Lingerie Set by Nymphetamine
Shoes - ChiChi Pumps (White w/ Pastel Blue) by Maitreya

Friday, February 22, 2008

DE Designs - Intruder Jacket

Looking for something with a lot of metal, a lot of detail and a lot of flexibility? Wondering if I ever wear anything with colors in it? Well, here's the answer to both questions in one post. The DE Designs Intruder set is all about both and the jacket layer can be worn with the outfit and accompanying bra or with jeans, leather, latex, skirts, pants, or shorts. And for those "His & Hers" parties - there is a men's version as well. (Yes, I love this pose and I'm playing with it like a shiny new toy...)

The set comes with 6 pieces - the jacket and bra (which look great together or alone), gloves and three pants in red (long in two layers for versatility and a pair of shorts). All versions of the pants have a gorgeously detailed belt built in and have enough going on themselves to not be overwhelmed by the jacket. If you happen to have a wardrobe heavy on black (whistles and looks innocent) you can mix and match all day long with the various parts of this set.
At first glance it seems that your shoe options are limited to ankle boots, but don't be fooled - pair the shorts with a pair of pumps with personality and you have an outfit that will make you the center of attention at any party - public or private. The set sells for L$375 and comes in three colors - the red I positively love as well as black and brown. There is also a "Buy 2, Get 1 Free" pack for L$750 that I deeply regret not buying straight off with all three colors in it
To own your own little piece of Road Warrior heaven, visit the DE Designs Main Store.
On the left:
Outfit - DE Intruder by DE Designs
Shoes - Succubus Pumps (Dark Cherry) by ::69::
On the right:
Jacket - DE Intruder Jacket by DE Designs
Pants - Fatima Leather Pants by Last Call
Shoes - Thetis by Dark Eden

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Graves - G31 Mini Skirt

Yeah, I know - you just aren't a latex & leather kind of person, right? You just don't have anywhere to wear it, blah, blah... Well, sure you are and yes you do, you just haven't found the right piece to release your inner fetishist. And oh, how many opportunities to put a twist on all those shirts and sweaters you have piled up around in inventory, dying for a night on the town. I own several oufits from Graves and with very few exceptions, every piece can be worn easily with a ton of other clothes, dramatically adding to your options and dressing up or down to suit the mood or destination. Besides, what is really wrong with standing out from the crowd?

The full G31 Mini Dress set comes with 6 pieces - the shirt, 2 sizes of the prim skirt, a leg strap, under skirt and gloves. It comes in a single color, black. If you haven't noticed, I have a thing for shoes and boots and this mini skirt (which is two pieces - the prim skirt and the underskirt in a pant layer) gives you a world of possibilities there. It looks equally good with a pair of slightly heavier heels as it does with ankle boots, regular boots or, for those over the top occasions, thigh highs. The skirt will almost always require a bit of adjusting, but it's not my strong point and the two sizes made it easy for me to get it right on the first try (yes, it is copiable) so don't let that deter you. The entire outfit is only L$290 - a very small price to pay for that extra attention that a this versatile piece mixed into your outfit will draw. Oh, and while you are there, make sure you check out the catsuits - yum!

If you are ready for an outfit that is dishwasher safe and can't be damaged by a coffee spill, the Graves Main Store should be your next destination.

On the left:
Outfit - G31 Mini Dress by Graves
Boots - Thetis by Dark Eden
On the right:
Shirt - Open Shirt (Dark Blue) by E. Watkins
Skirt - G31 Mini Skirt by Graves
Boots - Liah (Onyx) by LC Vamp

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

A Perfect Place - The SL Botanical Gardens

Sometimes you put on an outfit and immediately start trying to think of places where it would be set off to perfection. Other times, you are going to a place and an outfit immediately comes to mind. In this case, it was both. If you haven't been to the SL Botanical Gardens, you have missed one of the most breathtaking sims in SL. The gardens are a collaborative artistic effort and every area of the sim has something special to make it a delight to walk through (or fly, but I recommend walking the many paths to truly experience all the details).

Sit for a while in the formal gardens, visit the green house, swim under the waterfalls or just sit and enjoy the scenery at any point along the way. Take your time and plan to return - it's not a sim that you can "do" in an hour or so. Oh, and don't forget to take pictures - lots of pictures. The gardens were one of the first places I went in SL and I was inspired to go back there when I put on Paeoti Dapon's Dementia Sancuary Ceremony Dress from Nymphetamine and wanted the perfect setting for some photos.

Put on your favorite clothes (jeans will do just as well as a ballgown), grab a friend and head out to The SL Botanical Gardens for a sunrise walk or or a sunset chat in one of the most beautiful locations in Second Life.

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Bobbysocks - Thigh High Straps

In a metaverse where anything is possible, my search for the perfect thigh high boots seemed incredibly long. Not that there aren't a lot of great thigh highs out there, but I wanted something that would go equally well with latex, leather or a plain ol' pair of jeans. It was also a challenge looking for something that wasn't either very plain or very ornate - simply because I wanted a lot of versatility and options (I just don't have a need for multiple pairs of thigh highs.) Enter the Thigh High Straps by Bobbysocks. Wow. Just wow. Exactly what I was looking for - subtle detailing but with plenty of oomph. (And, again, my apologies, my graphics card does not do either the boots or the clothing justice.)

Now, when you go to pick yours up - get the Bobbysocks boot fitting information card before you buy your boots. It gives approximate leg sizes for avatars, including a second set of measurements for petites (which is a good thing, since that was me). It also explains their custom fitting policy which is free for the first fitting on the majority of avatars. I was a little worried about the fitting process, but a quick IM and a little bit of instruction (to me, LOL!) and my boots had gone there and back and were on my legs - completely painless. At L$575, they aren't cheap, but considering the level of service and the fact that I just sigh happily when I put them on, they are well worth it.

If you are looking for some thigh loving leather, head to the Bobbysocks Main Store.

On the right:
Outfit - Nienor by Husky GFX
Boots - Thigh High Straps by Bobbysocks
On the left:
Shirt - Shirt H3 (Blue) by Cubic Effect
Belt - Lilith by Dark Eden
Pants - Nienor by Husky GFX
Boots - Thigh High Straps by Bobbysocks

Monday, February 18, 2008

Nymphetamine - Regal Panties & Stockings

Panties, you say? A gorgeous 6 piece outfit that will take you to the dressiest clubs in SL and we're looking at the undergarments? Well, frankly, yes. Ever since I bought this outfit (and it gets a lot of use both alone and paired with the formal skirt add-on) I've thought what a shame it was to cover these up. Now, you don't actually have to, as there is also an open panel front to the skirt that will let you display both them and the equally wonderful stockings, but they still deserve their own attention. As a side note here, this great pin-up inspired pose came from Maitreya, should you want to show off your underpinnings in the best light.

The outfit is colorable (yay!) and while you can put almost any pair of boots or heels with it, I'd recommend something simple like the ChiChi pumps from Maitreya since the outfit is very detailed and can become overwhelming and busy with a lot of shoe detail as well. The top also looks spectacular with a pair of leather pants or atop a sexy little mini-skirt, so be sure and experiment with a variety of looks. It has a laced front and back that matches the bands on the panties and is a single layer, so ladies with ink will find it very tattoo friendly.

The six piece outfit (stockings, panties, top, open front skirt, closed front skirt and patterned leggings that also have a world of possibilities for mixing and matching) is L$300. The add-on formal skirt is another L$100 and well worth it for those balls and galas.

If you are looking to own undergarments that are just as wonderful as the top layers, head to the Nymphetamine Main Store.

Both outfits:
Clothing - Regal Set (various pieces) by Nymphetamine
Shoes - ChiChi Pumps by Maitreya

Sunday, February 17, 2008

Sentou Yousei - Pentagram Heels

To me, Second Life is all about exploring things that may not be possible or realistic to explore in First Life - like boots wrapped in rusted barbed wire or ever so high heels held on by bone like spikes of metal. Grace Selene at Sentou Yousei has a flair for the improbable that elevates any outfit you pair with her footwear to a new level. After having a great time with Orenns Barbed Wire Boots yesterday, I took a trip back to the store, picked up a pile of demos and fell in lust with the Pentagram Heels. Like the dagger in the boots, the pentagram on the shoes also has a soft bling that can be turned off - normally I do so immediately, but it is incorporated with such restraint in these heels (and the boots) that I've made them an exception to the rule.

The heels are only L$250 and can easily be paired with any goth inspired gear you might have (especially shorter skirts), but I strongly recommend you pass on any heavily patterned stockings as they tend to detract from the details of the shoes. If you prefer a boot to a dress heel, be sure and look at the Pentagram Boots - same basic style, but with ankle boot styling and a more casual look in 6 colors. I tried the heels on with a variety of fabrics from silk to lace to latex in pants, minis and catsuits and they were terrific with them all - causing quite a blog quandry. My graphics card doesn't do justice to either the dress or the shoes (my apologies to the creators), but I fell in love with them paired with the Loren dress by LeeZu Baxter Designs. The dress is very classic and demure in the front, allowing the shoes to shine. As you can see, it is very daring in the back, balancing the overall look nicely. Once I saw the two together, I knew I had my blog picture.

To pack your inventory with creative and visually outstanding footwear, visit the Sentou Yousei Main Store.

Shoes - Pentagram Heels by Sentou Yousei

Dress - Loren by LeeZu Baxter Designs
Shoes - Pentagram Heels by Sentou Yousei

Correction - HUSKY GFX

First I'd like to thank Karigan Ducatillon (creator of the Aoife Female Warrior outfit I blogged yesterday) for the very kind IM this morning. Second, I'd like to make a correction to that post that I realized after looking at my landmarks - I erroneously gave a link to their store without checking to see if it was their main store. In my defense, I was so excited about the outfit, I just went with the first LM in inventory. *blush*

So, for those of you who want to check out their primary location instead (which I will be doing today), TP on over to the HUSKY GFX Main Store.

Saturday, February 16, 2008

HUSKY GFX - Aoife Belt

When a friend invited me to see the castle and garden in the sky that his neighbor had created, I dug through my folders and came up with nothing that fit the mood. Not wanting to look out of place sitting at a long rough hewn table next to a bubbling kettle over a huge open fire, a shopping trip was required. I started at the Eternity Medieval Celtic Market at Tir na Lor and wound up at HUSKY GFX where the deep rich brown and coppery details of the Aoife outfit caught my eye and the detail on the belt took my breath away. All I could think of was how wonderful it would look with my Orenns Barbed Wire boots (complete with tiny soft bling dagger in one boot) - plus it wasn't your standard "wench of the castle" outfit accessory.

The full outfit is comprised of 16 pieces in the base set (which includes full body tattoos, jewelry and belt along with the fabulous cloak, short skirt, pants and corset) and another 5 in the add on pack (you need this for the long skirt) - it is a terrific value for the money. The base set is L$ 750 while the add on is L$ 199 - the wear that I will get out of the pants, tats and belt (amazing detail with a mind-boggling 210 prims) alone makes it worthwhile. If you happen to have an interest in the Gorean lifestyle, the add on pack includes a free woman hood and veil (in two sizes). Both sets come in black and green as well as the brown shown here.

Dropping the long skirt for the leather pants, throwing on a different top and paring down the accessories to make the belt the focal point leaves an edgy piece of clubwear guaranteed to draw attention. A casual top will take you to the local blues club or pub for a night with friends. Add a full sleeved blouse, thigh high boots and a sword and you are ready to sail the Seven Seas (can anyone point me towards a brown leather eyepatch?). I should also mention that I switched to the Vivant Feline 1 Skin by Fleur for the dramatic eye effect and muted lips.

Discover your inner warrior at HUSKY GFX and don't forget to stop by Eternity Medieval Celtic Market for all your castle (and wench) decorating needs.

Top Picture:
Outfit - Aoife Female Warrior by HUSKY GFX
Skirt - Aoife FW Add On by HUSKY GFX
Boots - Orenns Barbed Wire Boots by Sentou Yousei
Middle Picture:
Outfit - Aoife Female Warrior by HUSKY GFX
Boots - Orenns Barbed Wire Boots by Sentou Yousei
Bottom Picture:
Top - Angel Celtic Black by Angel Dessous
Pants - Aoife Leather Pants by HUSKY GFX
Boots - Orenns Barbed Wire Boots by Sentou Yousei

The Basics - Hair, Eyes, Tats & Skin

I rarely change my hair or skin and never change my shape, so you won't see those detailed unless an outfit just demands a different style (like the Aoife outfit just screamed for the Fleur Vivant Feline Skin). If you pass me in Second Life, I'll probably be wearing The Poynter by Armidi hair, though my SL profile shows me in Short Crop 2 by Aveda which I pull out when I want a more dramatic look. I'm always seeking great short cuts and these are two of the best I've found.

I have a variety of skins, but am most often seen in one of the Minnu Model or Fleur Skins (formerly Tete A Pied). I most commonly wear light or lightly tanned skins with strong colors to complement my outfits. My eyes are from Glanz and they are, IMHO, exquisite. For the ladies that love the ink, consider looking at addiXion and iNFLiCT - my tattoo tip is to look for designs you adore that come in all layers and several levels of intensity. Very dark tattoos on light skins tend to look painted on rather than inked - a lighter shade will enhance rather than overwhelm an outfit or skin.

The Clothes:
Top - Open Button White (20% sheer) by !X2
Pants - Fatima Leather by Last Call
Belt - Lilith (Bloodrage) by Dark Eden
Earrings - Small Silver Triskelion by BastChild Designs

My Current Look:
Eyes - Fresh Blue by Glanz
Eyelashes - MM Catwalk Eyelashes by MM Skins
Hair - The Poynter by Armidi
Skin - Minnu Model Skin Light (Fall) by MM Skins
Tattoo - What is the Matrix by iNFLiCT

Dark Eden - Thetis Boots

You might have noticed from my first few posts that I adore these boots and pair them with just about everything. I can honestly say that these boots make looking at your feet a pleasure - from the shading and texture to the heel work. I love ankle boots and the details and style of these just can't be beaten. They look great with most any fabric, can (and should) be worn with pants or skirts alike and are probably the inventory item I get asked about the most when exploring SL.

They come in 8 colors - Mistweave (white), Candykill (deep pink), Desire (light pink), Nocturne (purple), Abyss (blue), Bloodrage (red), Absynthe (green), and Midnight (black). The colors are consistent through the Dark Eden accessories, so you can mix and match these with anything in the shop - I highly recommend taking a peek at the Lilith belts while you are there. At $L 150 each, the Thetis boots are a bargain, but the Fat Pack of 8 for $L 600 may be the best boot deal in SL. Yes, I'm kicking myself for not having "bought them all" when I saw them the first time. They are copy, mod, no transfer and you will find yourself reaching for them over and over.
Get your boot on at Dark Eden - your feet will love you for it.

On the left:
Boots - Thetis (Abyss) by Dark Eden
On the right:
Outfit - Fever by DE Designs
Boots - Thetis (Bloodrage) by Dark Eden

Apple May - Tedious Skirt

In the mood for a terrific casual skirt that will show off your legs? Apple May Designs does great outfits and I find myself pulling out the skirts to match with all sorts of tops. They will also let you wear your highest heels, though I admit to an addiction to ankle boots. This skirt is one of my favorites with the understated belt and detail lace paired with a black and red tartan that will turn heads.

The outfit comes in red, black, blue and brown and includes the skirt, sweater, cuffs and collar. I did have a bit of trouble mixing reds when pairing it with tops from other designers (it is a very deep rich red) but if you go for a black or white top, you can step out with confidence. The outfit is no transfer (not that you would ever give it up) and comes with a smart skirt to reduce those awkward sitting moments. At $L 195, take two - you'll return to this skirt time and time again.

You can pick up all the clothes shown at Apple May Designs & Mall.

On the left:
Top - Apple May Study Shirt
Skirt - Apple May Tedious

On the right:
Outfit - Tedious (red) by Apple May Designs
Boots - Thetis by Dark Eden

Friday, February 15, 2008

Cubic Effect - Shirt H3

If you don't own this shirt, you need it like yesterday. Not only is it spectacular when dressed up, but it is equally gorgeous dressed down with a pair of jeans for a casual look. It looks soft and buttery on, clings in all the right places, is soft at the neckline and manages to look just right in any situation.

It comes in 9 colors - white, pink, beige, light green, brown, red, blue, grey and black. $L180, mod, no copy, transfer - sadly, no Fat Pack or I would have been all over that puppy. Several of the colors match the equally fabulous Sarrouel pants (also by Cubic Effect). I tried it with a variety of belts and, while they looked quite nice, I honestly felt they were a bit distracting, though definitely still an option. Just buy this shirt - you won't regret it for a moment. Edit - succumbing to a moment of weakness, I bought this in the blue tonight and it looks great paired with the Lilith belt from Dark Eden, so I'll have to take back the distracting statement.
On the left:
Jeans - Dahlia by Last Call
Boots - Thetis by Dark Eden
On the right:
Pants - Sarrouel by Cubic Effect
Shoes - ChiChi Pumps by Maitreya