Saturday, October 25, 2008

Goth1c0 for Crimson Shadow

In a moment of weakness, my All Hallow's spirit overcame my slim Linden wallet and I found myself drooling at Crimson Shadow. Ahhhh... to just have unlimited Lindens what fun I would have. Instead, I proceeded to shop. And then stopped dead in my tracks when I saw the absolutely fantastic ensemble by Goth1c0. I didn't even hem and haw, just hit buy and prayed. Minutes later I was cycling through all the possibilities of this multifaceted outfit.

Only available in black and red, the play of textures and fabrics is absolute perfection. The movement of the long skirt is graceful and flowing, the short skirt is flirty and sexy. And without either skirt? Corseted lingerie at it's best with garters and stockings. Black patent leather ankle boots or sky high stilettos - every combination in this set begs for the edgiest footwear in the bottom of your closet. Add a bit of graceful gothic jewelry and you are ready for anything.
The set consists of top (jacket), glitch pants (pants), gloves, stockings and prim skirts. The sheer lace and blood red satin ballgown will take you to the most formal clubs in SL and have people ask you about your outfit, while the short and flirty skirt is perfect for a night of clubbing - really three full outfits for the L$1000 price tag. I've practically lived in this since I bought it, so I think well worth it and it has gift friendly perms - No Copy, No Mod, Transfer (Prim Skirts - Mod).
Two landmarks this week, first to Crimson Shadow and second to the Goth1c0 Main Store.
Dress - Goth1c0 for Crimson Shadow
Hair - Toss Me Around (Black) by Bishwear
Jewelry - Lampir Cross (Bright Silver/Carnelian) by EarthStones

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Carnal - Lingerie Special, Pt. 2

Continuing through the lingerie alphabet, Carnal stands out not only for their gorgeous in-world intimates but for the fact that they have a First Life presence as well as a Second Life presence. From basic foundation sets to more elaborate ensembles, Carnal provides a broad range of colors, fabrics and styles. I had the pleasure of running into Gabriel LeShelle while gathering the details for this article and took his purchasing recommendation on the first featured set - the gorgeous lace bordered teddy, Moscou.
Available in 6 colors including Mint, Lilac, Red, White, Black and Pink, the set uses the undershirt and underpant layers as well as adding optional gold prim details in the form of a triple chain crossing the midriff. Each set sells for L$300 and Carnal has joined forces with other designers to create shoes and jewelry designed specifically to accessorize the set.
One of the things I love about the stores and designers who are entirely focused on lingerie creation is the ability to find beautiful basic sets. Creators who mainly design outerwear tend to release lingerie that is more elaborate for special occasion or integrated tightly with a full ensemble. Carnal has a selection of elegant foundation sets that go easily under ballgowns or sweaters and I bought the Lace Bra Set for just this reason. Let's face it, a gal just doesn't need a 34570979 item folder with 387 adjustable prim pieces for a quick shopping trip or to go profile hopping.
The Lace Bra Set is available in White, Black, Pink, Green, Grey, Red and a fabulous Sheer for L$250 per color or in the Fat Pack of all seven for L$1400. Again, the pieces are only available as the bra on the undershirt layer and panty on the underpant layer, which is my only real criticism of the Carnal sets in that it limits options with respect to tattoos and some outerwear. That said, you can't beat it for simplicity. Permissions aren't as gift friendly as other lines (though some sets are available in Mod/Trans in the gift area and Gabriel will create and deliver Mod/Trans by request), but the Copy, Mod, No Transfer means if you prefer creating outfits, your underlayers are covered. ;)
Bring a touch of First Life to your Second Life at the Carnal Main Store at Carnal Plaza.
Lingerie - Moscou (White) and Lace Bra Set (Sheer) by Carnal
Jewelry - Floating Circles Set (Gold/Diamonds) by EarthStones (top)
Belly Ring (Yin Yang) by EarthStones (middle)
Desmodus Set (Black Steel/Red Jasper) by EarthStones (bottom)
Hair - Forest Child (Black) by Songfeather Designs (top)
BON75 by booN (middle & bottom)

Monday, October 20, 2008

Angel Dessous - Lingerie Special, Pt. 1

I noticed my lingerie "to blog" folder was overflowing just as even more new release announcements came in, so I figured it was time to catch up and the best way to do that is to salute the designers of some of my favorite "mostly unseen in public" clothing in Second Life. I love and adore lingerie - stockings, heels, corsets, bras, thongs, strings and every other spectacular foundation in SL. So, starting with Angel Dessous, I'll be looking at a sampling of sexy (both new and classic) from a series of designers who think the underthings are the thing. Word of warning - while the photos are PG, this *is* lingerie, so if you are expecting neck to ankle coverage, skip this series.

The first of three outfits from Angel Dessous is the Amber new release which comes in three colors, the traditional red and black as well as a leopard patterned set called cat. There are three different top layers, all with 3/4 sleeves but varying in length and detail. The undershirt layer is a short bra, the shirt layer is a midriff corset and the jacket layer extends the corset to the hips and adds garters and snaps for the included stockings. Coordinating panties, upper arm bracelets and short prim skirt are included to finish a very flexible outfit with several different looks for L$390 per color.

Suzy is also a multi-faceted lingerie set but does not have quite the layer versatility with both the revealing half bra and the more traditional full bra being on the undershirt layer while the tiny string panty is only on the underpant layer and the garters only on the pant layer. There are two included stockings, one specifically designed for the garters, the other designed to be worn without. Suzy comes in four combinations at L$320 per color in black/creme, red, green and white/black.

The final outfit is a personal favorite - Jennifer comes in both soft patterned and delicate lace versions with a classic bra on the undershirt layer and a corset on the shirt, providing three different looks from the demure to the fully exposed. Stockings are included, but this is not a garter set, so they settle at thigh high below the traditional bikini style panties (underpant layer). The lace version comes in black and white, while the colors of the traditional set are gras (green), heaven (blue), hell (wine) and flower (black and white) at L$290 per color. All lingerie is no copy, no mod, transfer to make for easy gift giving, though the limited layers can cause problems for tattoo fans.
Find lingerie for any intimate occasion at the Angel Dessous Main Store.
Lingerie - Suzy, Amber & Jennifer sets by Angel Dessous
Jewelry - Floating Circles (Gold) by EarthStones
Hair (top & middle) - Toss Me Around (Auburn & True Red) by Bishwear
Hair (bottom) - BON75 (Black) by booN

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Insolence - Lilly Satin Lingerie

I hate it when RL keeps me from blogging something spectacular for way too long, but at least with Insolence lingerie, the look is timeless. One of the many reasons to join the Insolence group is the beautifully written release notecards. When I received camilla Yousuke's card for this set, it perfectly matched my "curl up by the fire with a glass of wine" fall is here mood and, in fact, similar feelings were what inspired her to create this gorgeous satin ensemble. 28 pieces, all layers and prim details combine to create so many different looks you will wonder if you will ever run out of combinations.
Sumptiously patterned satin is used throughout in full corset, short corset and bra for the upper body, tied with satin ribbons and edged with prim lace. All varieties come in shirt and undershirt with a full corset jacket layer as well. Back seamed stockings add even more possiblities as all bottom layers include options both with and without garters, with and without panties, panty only (both boy cut and tiny string) and prim lace attachments for both corset and panty combinations. Yes, it's dizzying - and I didn't even mention the fabulous prim satin ribbon back tie.
The Lilly set comes in a palette of fall colors - black, emerald, blue, purple, red and gold - with all combinations included for only L$290 per color. Ah, how I wish there were a fatpack, but don't despair - it is no copy, no mod, transfer and perfect for gift giving (or receiving) - just find a (close) friend to help you finish out your collection. In camilla's own words, "I really hope this ensemble will satisfy the most exigent, and bring you that warm, comfy sexy feeling I get wearing them on the sofa as I write these lines.
Hoping to meet you soon at the Insolence Main Store, at Venom."
All photographs:
Hair - Moody (Coal) by Diversity Hair
Lingerie - Lilly Satin Outfit (Black) by Insolence
Jewelry - Crystal Charm Earrings (Creativity) by EarthStones
Piercings - Bali Face Piercings (Labradorite) by EarthStones
Tattoo - Gecko by Muism (Mu Mei Do)

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Warning - When I Am An Old Woman...

When I am an old woman, I shall wear purple
with a red hat that doesn't go, and doesn't suit me.
And I shall spend my pension on brandy and summer gloves
and satin candles, and say we've no money for butter.
I shall sit down on the pavement when I am tired
and gobble up samples in shops and press alarm bells
and run my stick along the public railings
and make up for the sobriety of my youth.
I shall go out in my slippers in the rain
and pick the flowers in other people's gardens
and learn to spit.

- from Warning by Jenny Joseph
Fabulous hat (not purple) is part of Joan Miro's Tattoo Gown by Lady Thera's.