Monday, June 28, 2010

Paradise Worth Painting

Brackish has to be one of the most beautiful sims I've seen - you portal in to a small attractive shops area where you are greeted by a series of teleport lanterns to various spots on the sim.  Be sure to set aside enough time to walk through each one and to take some pictures.  Indeed I was so inspired I dug through my closet until I found the amazing Montemartre belt from Manna (my pictures are with v.1, but it has been released in an equally detailed v.2), the "perfect for painting" H7 Shirt from Cubic Effect and my new Medala jewelry from Faceted.  A pair of jeans, a pair of boots and I was ready to adventure among the lizards, flamingos, and elephants inhabiting the gardens.

Location: =Ja Nye(t)=, Brackish


Shirt: Cubic Effect H7 Shirt (Ivy Green)
Hair: BishWear TossMeAround (Raven)
Skin: Dutch Touch MaAn (Cocoa - Copper)
Jewelry: Faceted Medala Set (Silver/Jade)
Belt: Manna Montmartre (V.1)
Jeans: Naima Sexy Ripped Jeans
Boots: Redgrave Girls' Bikers Reloaded (Caramel)
Poses: DeePosed

Featured SLURLs:
Cubic Effect Mainstore
Faceted Mainstore
Manna Mainstore

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

The Swimsuit Issue '10

A friend sent me a landmark out of the blue to a place called The Lazy Tuna.  Naturally, with a name like that, I had to take a look and once I got there I knew I had to either pull out the swimsuits or miss a great opportunity.  The Lazy Tuna is a club with a very laid back Keys feel from the bonfire to the parrots to the surf crashing over the rocks - everything says sit back, have a cold one (or an umbrella drink) and relax.  So, pop over to Miamai, Chaospire or Luck Inc, pick up a suit, grab a beer and head on over to fish, dance or just hang out. (More pictures, credits and SLURLs after the cut.)

Hair: Truth Isle (Blood)
Swimsuit: Miamai Uka Bikini (Red)
Skin: Dutch Touch MaAn (Cocoa - Copper)
Poses: DeePosed (Centerfold Collection)

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Contest Entry - -CLICK- Photography Contest

I was roaming around buying poses last week and, in the process, stumbled across -CLICK- Props & Sets and was overwhelmed by the coolness of the idea of full sets, poses and props, conveniently packaged in a self rezzer.  You can use either a control panel or a HUD to rez and switch between sets and then access the included poses (from some of my favorite pose creators - see pose SLURLs in the right bar) or use your own to click away to your heart's content.  Multiple avatars can access the poses in many of the sets and many have additional included props.  Since "The Ritz" elevator set was perfect for Azul's gorgeous Malena evening gown and EarthStones Zahra Limited Edition release, I decided to go ahead and toss my (admittedly amateur) hat in the ring and submit a few pictures.
First picture is one of the ones I submitted, additional photos, credits, SLURLs and contest rules after the cut.

Location:  -CLICK- Props & Sets, DReaMiNG OuTLouD

Sunday, June 13, 2010

It's All Wright!

Tamil Isle is a beautiful sim with waterfalls, wedding chapel, residential areas and a plethora of hidden delights scattered about the island.  When I saw the bright flowered fields and the stained glass windows in the fabulous recreation of Taliesin East, I was immediately reminded of the bright and ever so hot Beaute Volcanique dress by Modern Gypsy.  When you arrive, follow the signs to the Guest House or just start walking - there will be plenty to amaze and amuse along the way.  From the sign at the house (which can be purchased):

The real Taliesin East was the summer home of Frank Lloyd Wright. Begun in 1911 Wright built Taliesin as a way to explore his ideas on organic architecture, the harmony betwen human habiltation and the natural world using local limestone and sand from the nearby Wisconsin River.

Credits, more pictures and SLURLs after the cut.

Location:  Taliesin East Guest House, Tamil Isle

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Contest Entry - Angel of Angel Dessous

I don't enter many contests anymore, but while wandering around Caledon Glengarry I saw this terrific stained glass in The Red Dragon tavern and, later that day, was in Angel Dessous and saw both the Glamour lingerie and the contest board.  I dusted off my flickr account, took a few shots and figured what the heck.  My entry (which I don't expect to win or even place, but enjoyed taking) is below, followed by the contest notecard information and credits after the cut.

Location:  The Red Dragon Tavern, Caledon Glengarry