Sunday, March 30, 2008

Dark Eden - Cephalopod Silken Bondage

Silks don't play much of a role in my wardrobe, but they are a recognizable part of SL. When I was hunting up boots at Dark Eden, I saw the Cephalopod Silken Bondage set and figured if I was going to have a silk, this would be it. So I bought it. I suppose if you looked at percentages, this might be a metal/silk - but the detailing on both is spectacular. The silks are available in Obsidian and Silver, the Cephalopod boots are a separate purchase, available in 8 colors - Bloodrage, Mistweave, Abyss, Midnight, Absynthe, Nocturne, Desire, Candykill for $150 per color or a fat pack of all 8 for $600.

The outfit is entirely prim and includes the loincloth in 2 sizes to minimize adjusting - in fact, it was the only thing that required adjusting at all for me, which was a pleasant surprise. One tip - before you start adjusting up and down trying to find the side portion of the hips, look closer because there isn't one. The front and back loincloth base is anchored with four spikes around the hips. The cuffs and boots as well as the full ensemble (wrist and ankle cuffs) are all Lockmeister Enabled.

As you can see, I tried a variety of combinations and poses and just about every piece of footwear in my inventory - truly the silks go better with either the boots or barefoot with just the cuffs, the boots can be worn with a variety of outfits. As always, Dark Eden colors are consistent across the store, so you can also mix in other styles. The full ensemble including the wrist and ankle cuffs is L$250, just the silks are L$200 - the collar (L$25) and cuffs (L$100) are available separately as well as part of the full outfit.
Slide some silk and metal at the Dark Eden Main Store.
All pictures:
Silks - Cephalopod Silken Bondage (Obsidian) by Dark Eden
Boots - Cephalopod Boots Remix (Midnight) by Dark Eden

Saturday, March 29, 2008

Adam 'n' Eve - Snakeskin Dress

Adam 'n' Eve's Catwalk collection has some absolutely fabulous designs in gorgeous colors and textures. The one I fell in love with immediately was the Snakeskin Dress and I was thrilled to discover two different skirts included for my mix and match needs. All the colors are deep and rich and the snakeskin texture is clear and detailed - as a result it is easy to pair it with a variety of separates and shoes.

The outfit consists of a top, shorts (underskirt) and both a slim prim mini and a flexi mini. I had a bit of trouble adjusting the prim mini, but I always do - probably why I prefer flexis with my shape. That said, most folks won't have the problems that I did. The dress comes in 6 colors to satisfy any preference - red, green, silver, white, blue and gold - and a fatpack for those who just can't decide. Each color is L$300 purchased separately or in the "Brat Pack" containing all colors for L$1200.

See the entire Catwalk Collection at Adam 'n' Eve's Genesis Drive Boutique.

On the left:
Sweater - Woolpulli (Black) by LeeZu Baxter Designs
Skirt - Snakeskin (Red) by Adam 'n' Eve
Boots - Dune (Red) by Maitreya
Stockings - Pink Tartan Sheer Stockings by LaPointe Designs

On the right:
Outfit - Snakeskin (Red) by Adam 'n' Eve
Shoes - O Wedge (Black) by Stiletto Moody
Hair - Pompadour (Black) by Zero Style (both shots)
Tattoo - Gecko by Mu Mei Do (Muisim) (both shots)

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Baiastice - Pink Fantasy Dress

Spring is supposed to be springing and clothing all over SL belies the evidence of RL, so I went shopping for suitably spring-like outfits to brighten up the winter darks. Not being a pastel person, this presented a bit of a problem. I actually went to Baiastice while wandering through my "folder of links I need to visit" and when I saw this dress, I knew I had a spring post outfit. It also gave me the chance to try out several different hairstyles from Zero Style that I had bought and neglected.

Since the goal is to be able to take one outfit and go several places without a change of wardrobe, I started out with the straight party dress look, pairing the bright spring colors with a pair of black stilettos to match the retro black detailing. A quick change of hair, a short jacket and soft boots and it's an entirely different look. The dress itself is only L$250, required virtually no adjustment and simply looks terrific - especially for gals like me with a ton of black accessories.

For a taste of spring, retro style, head over to the Baiastice Main Store.
On the left:
Outfit - Pink Fantasy by Baiastice
Shoes - Tie Me Up (Black/Black) by Stiletto Moody
Hair - Pompadour (Black) by Zero Style

On the right:
Outfit - Pink Fantasy by Baiastice
Jacket - Short Leather Jacket (Black) by Cubic Effect
Boots - Bloom (Black) by Maitreya
Hair - Mike (Black) by Zero Style
Tattoo - Liseron (Upper and Lower) by addiXion

Monday, March 24, 2008

Casa del Shai - Dakota Blouse

This is one of those posts where I'm tempted to throw up the pictures, step back and say "Just look!". Talk about fantastic texturing - the shirt on the Dakota Pantsuit just makes me want to reach out and touch it. You can feel the time and thought that goes into each piece and every color combination. The overall effect is feminine without being fluffy, sexy without being obvious - just a perfect combination. I also adore the high waisted pants (you can leave off the jacket layer and go with a regular waist height if you prefer) which are just as versatile as the blouse. A few changes of shoe or accessories and you can go just about anywhere in SL.

The pantsuit comes in 5 colors including Gold, Sea, Rose, Lilac and Sky, with the different names referring to the shirt colors. Rather than a single pant included with all the different shirts, the colors of the associated pants are coordinated to the shirt color, so while Sea comes with blue, the Lilac shirt is paired with a rich chocolate pant. Very nice detail there which will probably have me back in the future for a few more colors. At L$400, I expect to get a lot of wear and combinations out of both the outfit and the separate pieces to make it a great addition to my closet.

Wrap yourself in fabulous textures at Casa Del Shai - and watch for more great clothes from Shai Delacroix when I visit Africa later this week.

On the left:
Outfit - Dakota Pantsuit (Sea) by Casa del Shai
Boots - Dune (Teal) by Maitreya

On the right:
Blouse - Dakota Pantsuit (Sea) by Casa del Shai
Pants - Sarrouel Pants (Black) by Cubic Effect
Shoes - Bitch Booties (Black/black) by Stiletto Moody

Sunday, March 23, 2008

iNFLiCT - My Gift My Purpose Tattoo

It's interesting - if asked about my favorite tattoos, I don't know that my iNFLiCT inks would be in the top spot, but they get worn far more than any others I have on a day to day basis. One of the things I really appreciate in a tattoo is the option of multiple layers in multiple shades (dark, medium, light and tintable) which rarely leaves me without a tattoo option for almost any outfit. iNFLiCT definitely accommodates and will fill your inventory with shade and layer options. I used the medium shade for the photos this time so that the patterns would be clear and clean but I normally wear the light versions as they look better against paler skins.

What drew me to this particular tattoo was the shawl pattern on the front which adds to a multitude of necklines and the "absolutely perfect in a backless dress" design of the full back. Normally I prefer full body tattoo sets, but this one is so outstanding on it's own, I couldn't really imagine a lower body that would enhance rather than detract. Expect to pay L$199 for My Gift My Purpose and expect to wear it often - especially with the skin baring spring and summer fashions on the way.

For some great art for everyone's body - iNFLiCT Republic.

Tattoo (both) - My Gift My Purpose by iNFLiCT
Outfit (right) - Booty Call (Red) by Solange

Friday, March 21, 2008

Event - Easter Egg Madness

No blog posts while I run around like a loon - between the St. Patrick's Day hunts and freebies, the Clothing Fair (Relay for Life) and the Easter Egg hunts, I barely have time to sort my inventory. OK, I don't have time to sort my inventory. My inventory is a total mess. But, once I finish up, I promise to unpack, try on, sort and blog.

For those wondering which, what, when and where - so far I have done the Philotic Energy hunt (6 eggs with some cool stuff), parts of the massive Sim to Sim hunt (105 eggs across 20 sims), the Earthstones hunt (7 eggs including one for the guys) and I'm planning to start the Tuli multi-sim hunt this evening. So far the results have been as expected - some good, some not so good, some exactly my style, some decidedly not. What I've enjoyed the most is picking some examples work by designers I've not tried yet while still getting some goodies from my favorites.

Happy holiday weekend to all!

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Clothing Fair - Relay for Life

Yes, no posts lately because I've been shopping (slowly, very slowly) and forking over my Lindens for Relay for Life at the Clothing Fair. I've made my first round of the seasonally themed sims and picked up a couple of things that I just couldn't leave behind. Mostly I window shopped and admired the huge amount of work that obviously went into putting the event together. When you go, be sure to carry lots of cash and spend it liberally to support the American Cancer Society.

With one stunning exception (like everyone else who blogged it, I just couldn't resist Nicky Ree's Mara in Ruby Red), I focused on designers who were new to me, collecting landmarks to stores I wanted to visit, soaking up the atmosphere and taking notes. I expect to spend most of my time for the next few days there, taking a closer look and picking up as many clothes as my budget allows. When you head over to the fair, be sure and minimize your prims and remove any HUDs to make the fair smoother for everyone.

The RFL 2008 Clothing Fair sims are Summer, Autumn, Winter and Spring - start in any of them and just work your way through.

Outfit - Mara Collection (Ruby Red) by Nicky Ree

Monday, March 17, 2008

Cubic Effect - Short Leather Jacket

For the last week or so I've found myself reaching for my Cubic Effect folder regularly. Their separates are simply classic wardrobe basics that can transform or complete an outfit effortlessly. I really wish they had fatpacks, because several items would be well worth saving up for a bundle. The colors are rich, the textures are soft and flowing and the details are terrific. If I was required to come up with a negative, it would be that I inevitably wind up doing a bit of prim adjustment, but I think that's a function of my shape and well worth the time for the result.

The Short Leather Jacket is exactly that - with short prim sleeves and collar and an open style that lends it to topping a myriad of outfits. The jacket comes in 6 colors - Blue, Brown, Red, Bright Grey, Grey and Black - and match perfectly to coordinate with the majority of the other Cubic Effect separates. I bought this to wear over my burgeoning shirt collection, but quickly found myself putting it on with short skirts, long skirts, shorts, you name it. The jacket sells for $380 per color, but don't expect to teleport in and out with that being your only purchase.

Super separates in classic colors at the Cubic Effect Main Store.

On the left:
Jacket - Short Leather Jacket (Black) by Cubic Effect
Top - Rainy Day Dress (Gold) by Gisaci
Skirt - Black Lace Skirt - Canimal
Boots - Bloom (Black) by Maitreya
Necklace - Wire Wrapped Crystal Necklace (Labradorite) by Earthstones

On the right:
Jacket - Short Leather Jacket (Black) by Cubic Effect
Bra - Aufiori Chambre Sheer (Black) by Intimizzio
Belt - Lilith (Midnight) by Dark Eden
Jeans - Hell and Back Light by The Abyss
Boots - Bloom (Black) by Maitreya
Necklace - Wire Wrapped Crystal Necklace (Labradorite) by Earthstones

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Intimizzio - Aufiori Chambre Sheer Set

Just falling out of bed on a lazy Sunday afternoon? Staying in bed on a Sunday morning? Maybe heading out for a bit of light shopping? Well, it's the weekly lingerie post to help you build the perfect day from the skin up. I noticed when I did my last post that, while I have a good sized lingerie collection, it was very heavy on corsets and low on bras - a situation that was fixed at Intimizzio - Armidi's lingerie and intimates store. I have to admit, however, that I just can't give up my garters, which limited my choices. For those of you with less persnickity tastes, you will find a great selection of intimates for both men and women.

The Aufiori Chambre Sheer Set consists of a lacy sheer bra, garter, and panties in two layers each (tattoo friendly) and two different stockings in an opaque and complementary sheer. There are 11 colors to choose from - black, chocolate, gold, eggplant, dove, persian rose, sangria, teal, seagrass, prussian purple and white. I picked out the black (big surprise) and the gold to feature here, but there are shades for every taste and skin tone. Each color is L$295 and sports exquisite detailing on both the lace and the accents.
I'm technically cheating here by showing the set peeking out from underneath a light sweater and jeans over a pair of skyscraping platforms, but when I got dressed after shooting the lingerie pics, I liked the look so much I decided to include it. One of the really nice things about this set is that all pieces can be worn (or removed) independently, including the stockings, and that the accents on the various colors will allow you to mix and match pieces from various color sets. One of my reasons for choosing the black and gold was the gold lacing across the garter belt on the black set and the black lace detailing on the gold made for a myriad of possible combinations. These go nicely with stilettos, platforms or ankle boots but are a bit too delicate looking to work well with higher boots and they are understated enough to be worn visible under many different outfits, both casual and formal, so that you are always "dressed from the skin up".
As with my earlier Gisaci post, this is a direct teleport to Intimizzio, but be sure to look around at the other Armidi shops in the sim.

Left Top:
Lingerie - Aufiori Chambre Sheer Set (Black) by Intimizzio
Shoes - Bitch Booties (Deerskin/Black) by Stiletto Moody

Right Center:
Lingerie - Aufiori Chambre Sheer Set - (Black) by Intimizzio
Top - Full Sculpted Knit Jacket (Black) by Cubic Effect
Jeans - Hell and Back (Light) by The Abyss
Shoes - O Wedge (Black) by Stiletto Moody

Left Bottom:
Lingerie - Aufiori Chambre Sheer Set (Gold) by Intimizzio
Shoes - Bitch Booties (Deerskin/Black) by Stiletto Moody

Saturday, March 15, 2008

Kiki's Closet - Flirt Skirt

I warned you I was in a short skirt mood and it continues on (though tomorrow will *not* be a skirt - promise). That said, here's another must have black skirt from Kiki's Closet - though it comes in two other colors as well (tartan and stripe) and I recommend at least two. There are five skirt and belt combinations that include three buckled belts, unbelted, single belted and, of course, the large prim back bow can be worn in several mixes as well. Long and short pants come in both layers (great for tattoos) as do the high waist shirt top which comes in 3 layers for versatility.

I was so excited when I saw this skirt because I knew it was what I had been searching for to pair with DE Designs Tango Spring 08 blouse. The skirt also comes with a matching thigh belt that peeks out from under the skirt to add a little extra "umph" (not that it doesn't have it's own) and the lace edging is a terrific touch. For L$100 , I admit that I bought two and am so happy to have done so (and will probably go back to finish out my set).

For an incredibly versatile flirty skirt with an edge, visit Kiki's Closet.

On the left:
Shirt - Tango Spring 08 Blouse (Black) by DE Designs
Skirt - Flirt Skirt (Blacks) by Kiki's Closet
Boots - Bot's Black by Storm Schmooz

On the right:
Shirt - Helena Shirt (Black) by Persona
Skirt - Flirt Skirt (Tartan) by Kiki's Closet
Boots - Bitch Booties (Black/Black) by Stiletto Moody

Friday, March 14, 2008

Kyoot Army - Snake Charmer Skirt

I've been in a short skirt mood lately and, of course, I'm always in a boot and shoe mood, so I was rubbing my hands together in delight when I saw this skirt. Just the right length to make any leg look miles long and perfect for either heels or ankle boots, what really stands out about this skirt is the mix of textures and colors. Gunmetal grey, textured brown and smart black detailing makes it far more versatile than it appears at first glance. Paired with the similarly styled Snake Charmer Shirt and a pair of spectacular heels and you are ready for a night of dancing...

Switch things up with a soft sweater and warm boots and you are ready for exploring, relaxing by the fire or just hanging out at your favorite joint with friends. The skirt is sold as a separate and, while there are similar skirts at Kyoot Army in a variety of colors, the Snake Charmer Skirt is one of a kind. For your L$250, you get a lot of options in a single skirt (2 pants on different layers and a prim skirt) - I found it looked great with nearly any height of shoe, from thigh to toe. It also mixes well with almost any earthy neutral color.
For all your snake (and human) charming needs, teleport to the Kyoot Army HQ.

On the left:
Shirt - Snake Charmer Shirt by Kyoot Army
Skirt - Snake Charmer Skirt by Kyoot Army
Shoes - Barbed Wire Stilettos by Sentou Yousei

On the right -
Shirt - Kurotsubaki Cardigan (Black)
Skirt - Snake Charmer Skirt by Kyoot Army
Boots - Bloom (Brown) by Maitreya

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Stiletto Moody - Elegant Slingbacks

As much as I didn't want to come back to a designer this quickly, these shoes are simply not to be denied their post. The Elegant Slingbacks are exactly that - breathtakingly elegant, gorgeously crafted and incredibly distinctive (I cannot tell you how much I love the signature red soles). I have a ton of shoes and boots and I'm always on the hunt for the unique, the beautiful, the edgy - I put more time into my footwear selection than anything else. Out of all my shoes, my Stiletto Moody's attract the most out of the blue shoe compliments and inquiries.

I had a fabulous day at the store, having won a pair due to a friend's most unfortunate bet with me on a basketball game. After agonizing between all the choices, I danced out of the store after not one, but two pairs were gifted to me. Whee! I am now the proud owner my second pair of the Bitch Booties which were featured in an earlier post, this pair is in the deer skin with the black accent strap and heel. My second pair was the one featured here - the Elegant Slingback in Black Twinkle - though I have to admit that the Ruby Red had me in shoe lust.

This is one of the new releases and has much to thank the Foxy Slingback for in terms of structure, but sets itself apart with the scalloped edging and ribbon accent paired with a soft bling and a multifaceted texture. These shoes are great from a distance but really deserve a tight zoom to get a feeling for the incredible detail they incorporate. The Elegant Slingbacks come in Silver Twinkle, Black Twinkle, Pink Twinkle, Ruby Red, Rose Gold and Pink Moc Croc for L$975 per pair. Never fear, they will turn out to be one of your least expensive investments when you factor in the cost per wearing once you realize you just don't want to take them off.

For footwear with a style that sets it apart, visit Stiletto Moody's Main Store.

On the Right:
Dress - Mourning Minnu Gown by Kyoot Army
Shoes - Elegant Slingbacks (Black Twinkle) by Stiletto Moody

On the Left:
Dress - Alix (Red) by Milady's Fancy
Shoes - Elegant Slingbacks (Black Twinkle) by Stiletto Moody

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

AnnaH - Paris Shorts

I read the notice about the sale ending at AnnaH and decided to wander over and see what my slim Lindens could purchase. Always on the hunt for a black pant with that "something" that sets it apart from all the other black pants, I knew I was buying them the second I saw the Paris Shorts. I love the mid-knee length and the prim bell shaped cuffs combined with a detailed double side button waist. It must be a sign of spring that I'm finding myself drawn to shorter length pants and skirts lately - even if they are black.

The shorts look terrific with heels or ankle boots, though they are a bit awkward with a knee boot, due to the length (a pair of dark tights would probably fix this right up). The texture and tone are very soft, so it sets off almost any top perfectly, with the shape being the focal point. I picked up mine for L$50 at the sale, regularly priced at L$75 - but these would still be a deal for double the price.
For a pair of black pants that don't fade into the background, take a trip to AnnaH Couture.

On the Left:
Shirt - Shirt H3 (Blue) by Cubic Effect
Shorts - Paris Shorts by AnnaH
Shoes - Bitch Booties (black/black) by Stiletto Moody

On the Right:
Shirt - Red Sweater Set by DE Designs
Shorts - Paris Shorts by AnnaH
Shoes - Succubus Pumps (Dark Cherry) by ::69::

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Gisaci - Rainy Day Dress

This is actually a rather odd post since I set out to blog about Jeanius by Veschi (which I really really love) but in the course of trying different things out, I wound up mixing in the top of Gisaci's Rainy Day Dress. The second I did that, I realized the post had to be about the dress. It's gorgeous, it's sexy and it's ever so sophisticated. What's not to love? I should also mention that while I was admiring the top with the shorts, I was also admiring the match of the golds (not an easy thing) in the shirt and the buttons on the shorts.

There are eight beautifully textured color choices - yellow, red, white, pink, teal, gold, black and royal blue. The prim skirt comes in large and small sizes, but for me both the collar and the skirt needed a bit of adjusting - which may well be a function of my shape more than the dress. In all seriousness, this is a dress that comes in so many colors and with a style so clean and classic there is almost nowhere it wouldn't fit in and stand out at the same time. Add in the versatility of mixing the top with other skirts and pants and you have a bargain at L$235 per color (no fatpacks).

This is the direct teleport to Gisaci, but be sure and see all the Armidi stores while you are there.

Dress - Rainy Day Dress (Red) by Gisaci
Shoes - Foxy Slingback (Black) by Stiletto Moody
Dress - Rainy Day Dress (Gold) by Gisaci
Shorts - Jeanius (Black) by Veschi
Shoes - Foxy Slingback (Black) by Stiletto Moody

Sunday, March 9, 2008

A Perfect Place - Virtual Starry Night

There is no arguing that Second Life is a metaverse created by artists, builders, designers and visionaries and some of the most breathtaking sims are tributes to the brilliant artists that were also ahead of their time. Virtual Starry Night is Second Life's Van Gogh exhibit and is well worth planning several hours and several trips to work your way through it. The museum is self guided, with lines to follow and clear signs, the separate areas are well marked and each painting has the title, year and museum where the original resides shown. The exhibit is divided into different areas such as landscapes, still lifes and portraits, but you can tour the whole building from any starting point.

Throughout the tour there are signs bearing facts about Van Gogh's life and times and many of the exhibits have information stations that give notecards about the specific work or group of works. As an example, the card for "Self-Portrait in Front of the Easel (1888)" (above left) reads:

Vincent almost never painted himself as an artist. Most of his self portraits are painted in a more sketchy way and show only his face.

This painting shows much more detail and was signed by the artist prominently, which means that he was quite pleased with it.

Wonderful as all this is, it is not the best part of the sim. If looking at paintings isn't really your thing, Second Life makes it possible to step *into* the art through special 3D painting exhibits. I pulled out my gorgeous Katrine dress by Ivalde with its Victorian bustle and bodice so that I could stroll the cafes and courtyards of the 3D rendered paintings in period style. I thought the clean black and white detailing of the dress provided a marvelous contrast to the bold colors of the paintings. How fabulous is it to be able to look at and read about "The Night Cafe in the Place Lamartine in Arles" (center right and lower left) where Van Gogh took his meals and then to step into and walk about the cafe as seen through his eyes?
While you are visiting Virtual Starry Night, be sure to walk through the Yellow House as well - it hosts a mini-exhibit of Gaugain's works from his time in Arles with Van Gogh.

Saturday, March 8, 2008

Insolence - Salome Lingerie

Lingerie being more of a foundation outfit rather than a mix and match item, I've decided that I will periodically feature a lingerie set all by its lonesome. Insolence has carved itself a place in SL with its realistic lingerie that manages to look feminine yet edgy and somehow more naked than skin alone. The textures are marvelous and the details on the edgework is worthy of a tight zoom just to admire it. I also adore the stockings that pull up into the garters (though that does limit options for wearing *just* stockings - but there are plenty of those to be found).

The Salome set featured here is the sheer basque version and that is another thing that stands out about Insolence - many of the lingerie lines (Salome included) come with various combinations mixing bras, corsets, panties and stockings to suit every taste. Most combinations come with stockings and garters and the Kiss Me classic back seamed stocking line comes in 12 colors for L$ 50 each and a fat pack of all for L$500, so you can find the perfect color for your outfit or skin tone. Salome comes in three separate styles ranging from L$120 for bra and panties to L$200 for the corset or bra in combination with stockings and garters (panties with all as their own layer) in each of four different colors - white, cream, black and a sumptuous chocolate that I really wish worked with my skin tone...

The other nice touch at Insolence is for ladies with tattoos - many of the lines have the option of purchasing either regular or "tattoo friendly" versions that provide pant and jacket layers instead of underwear layers in case your favorite ink is on a conflicting layer. Now, all my tattoos come in all layers, so this isn't really an issue for me, but many don't, so this is a nice customer service. Also, with an eye towards the gift purchase, all are no copy, no mod, transfer so there's no need for gift vendors or cards - because lingerie should be easy to give. ;)

For lingerie so real it begs to be touched, experience a bit of Insolence.

All pictures:
Lingerie - Salome Sheer Basque (White) by Insolence
Shoes - ChiChi Pumps (White w/ White) by Maitreya
Earrings - Small Silver Triskelion Earrings by BastChild Designs

Update - Helena Shirt by Persona

I officially love Myllie Writer of Persona. Not only was she kind enough to read my post on the Helena outfit, but as a result of customer feedback, she has eliminated my only complaint by releasing the Helena shirt as a separate! In eight colors, no less! Each color is L$95 separately or can be bought in one of two tonal fat packs for L$300. The first soft colors pack has metallic green, light grey, dark grey and creamy shirts while the strong colors pack holds black, blue, purple and red.

I've edited in the details on the shirt release, but noticed while I was there that there is a Helena set in a deep rich burgundy now that has me drooling. Thanks so much, Myllie!

Friday, March 7, 2008

A Perfect Friday Night - Bogart's Vintage Jazz

Friday night. Date night. Drinks, dinner, dresses, dancing. The night of the week when more clothes wind up crumpled on the floor of the closet because they just didn't feel quite right. Obviously cause for a shopping trip, wouldn't you say? I would. First, however, I needed to pick a spot to shop and dress for - a destination. I considered casual blues at Toby's or JYB, but I had a real itch for another pair of Stiletto Moody's and decided to build my outfit around whatever shoes struck my fancy and then select my setting for them.

After spending a silly amount of time closely examining nearly every shoe in the store multiple times, I wound up with not one, but two pairs of absolutely to die for shoes with oh so very high heels. The first pair I bought was the Elegant Slingback (Silver Twinkle) and then I turned around (literally and figuratively), came face to face with the Foxy Slingback (Black) and the Lindens flowed. I had immediately envisioned the black slingbacks paired with Marlene by Cachet, so I set off to find the perfect outfit for the ever so elegant silver slingbacks. A gal's gotta have options, you know...
LeeZu Baxter Designs has been a goldmine for me in versatile evening wear, so I decided to have another look around. As fate would have it, hanging there in the Ready to Wear section was a brand new release - the Lizz Flexi Dress. In three skirt styles and three colors - grey, rose and vanilla. Sold. I picked up my bags and boxes and ran home to change before I spent the rent and wound up on the streets. A little accessorizing with EarthStones Wire Wrapped Crystal Necklace (Labradorite) - another new release - and I was out for the evening. Bogart's has a formal dress code and ballroom dancing, so I finally settled on an evening in black, but I couldn't resist popping over to get pictures in both outfits against the red carpets, polished brass and gleaming pianos. And, of course, Bogie. As time goes by...
The recipe for a perfect evening - the right dress, the right shoes, the right date and the right music at Bogart's Vintage Jazz Club.
On the left:
Dress - Marlene by Cachet
Shoes - Foxy Slingback (Black) by Stiletto Moody
Tattoo - Liseron by addiXion
On the right:
Dress - Lizz Flexi Dress (Vanilla) by LBD
Shoes - Elegant Slingback (Silver Twinkle) by Stiletto Moody
Necklace - Wire Wrapped Crystal Necklace (Labradorite) by Earthstones

Thursday, March 6, 2008

Persona - Helena Shirt

The second I saw this outfit, I knew I needed it. Not wanted, needed. Classic styling, two skirt lengths in bright clear colors, back seamed stockings and a tailored black shirt to die for. I had the shirt paired with the Puma Jie skirt in my head before I hit buy. The skirt comes in blue, green, orange, pink, and purple - though it doesn't really describe the richness of the texture and tone of the skirt. There is a light catching sheen to the outfit that makes it positively lustrous and a bargain at L$300.

There are skirts and skirt bases (bases come in two layers) in long and tea length, the shirt comes in all three layers and the prim collar and cuffs are absolutely gorgeous. There is also a scripted Intelliskirt version of both skirts that kicks in for adjustment on first wearing. My only complaint is that all the shirt layers include the high waist from the skirt, but with three layers, if you don't want to use the skirt color as a waist sash it just requires a bit of finagling to make it all work together. That said, once you are done, the results are absolutely spectacular.
Add a dash of color to your wardrobe at the Persona Main Store.
On the left:
Outfit - Helena (Purple) by Persona
Shoes - Bitch Booties (Black) by Stiletto Moody
On the right:
Shirt - Helena by Persona
Skirt - Puma Jie by Icing
Tattoo - Flora 2 by addiXion
Shoes - Bitch Booties by Stiletto Moody

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Bare Rose Tokyo - Tietop Boro Bolero Shirt

First, my apologies for being waaay behind on posts - the flu hammered me hard and I've spent days in an incoherent stupor. That said, what better way to come out of a stupor than to a fabulous and flexible new release from Bare Rose? The Tietop Boro Bolero set is just so much for the Lindens you won't believe it. 43 pieces (yep, you read that right) in black, blue, brown, green, orange, white, purple and orange - spread throughout scarves, shirts, skirts and hats. All for an incredible L$170, no less. It's actually kind of odd that I'm blogging new pieces from Bare Rose as they are a substantial part of my wardrobe and I have quite a few other items I could have featured - but somehow the idea of completing my pirate look was calling me... (still looking for a good leather eyepatch, BTW)

Options, almost too many options here. 5 jackets, 4 scarves (which include a matching necklace), 3 skirts, 3 shirts, 2 hats - yikes! You can mix and match among the outfit's various colors and separates or pull out any combination to add in with other clothes in your closet. I personally couldn't wait to put the white top over my leather pants and barbed wire boots, but controlled myself and played around with the outfit for a while first. The prim sleeves are in two separate layers with the upper providing the puffy sleeves at the top and the bottom being a cascade of ruffles.

Mix and match until you get confused at the Bare Rose Tokyo Main Store.

On the left
Shirt - Tietop Boro Bolero (Blue) by Bare Rose Tokyo
Pants - Sarrouel Pants (Black) by Cubic Effect
Shoes - ChiChi Pumps (black w/ blue) by Maitreya

On the right:
Shirt - Tietop Boro Bolero (White) by Bare Rose Tokyo
Belt - Aoife Belt by HUSKY GFX
Pants - Aoife Leather Pants by HUSKY GFX
Boots - Orenns Barbed Wire Boot by Sentou Yousei

Monday, March 3, 2008

The Abyss - Hell and Back Jeans

Yeah, I know, like there aren't 90745984750947 pairs of jeans in SL and they are practically falling from the sky. True. But for all the jeans I have and all the jeans I've seen, these are the first that I actively seek out of my closet. They have character. They have detail. They have texture. They are oh so low (great for tattoos). And, most importantly, they look gooooood.

Did I mention that they are unisex and come in three colors - light denim, dark denim and black. At L$150 each, I immediately snapped up all three. The great thing about these jeans is that, no matter what combination of top, shoes, boots or accessories you pair with them, they add to the look rather than fading into the background as jeans are wont to do. The fraying and chemical process look are very good, the seam and pocket detailing is superb and I cannot tell you how much I love the low waist. They aren't so much an old pair of jeans, they are *the* old pair of jeans (you know, the ones you just couldn't let go of).
To own a really great pair (or three) of jeans, stop by The Abyss.
On the left:
Sweater - Short Knit Cardigan (Dark blue) by Kurotsubaki
Belt - Knuckle Buckle Belt (Brown, Dual) by Sinistyle
Jeans - Hell and Back Dark Blue by The Abyss
Boots - Bloom (Brown) by Maitreya
On the right:
Shirt - OpenShirtF:White (30% sheer, full open) by X2
Belt - Astrea Coin Belt (Damara) by Last Call
Jeans - Hell and Back Denim_Light by The Abyss
Boots - Bloom (Black) by Maitreya

Sunday, March 2, 2008

LBD - Grand Re-Opening

From previous posts you know that the Loren dress by LeeZu Baxter Designs is one of my personal favorites with it's ever so low back and ever so demure front, so I could hardly wait to get to the LBD Grand Re-Opening at To The Nines. When the landmark finally became active, I teleported on over for a look around. Specials also abound like the L$100 MissP Flexidress (no longer available after March 7th, all proceeds to go to and the group gift new release Lou Lou in grey. (I messed up on this one somehow and wound up buying one by accident and then getting another when it was sent out to the group, so stick to pulling it from group announcements if you have had transaction problems recently.)

I made several purchases that I had been eyeing from the Ready to Wear section, the first being the MarshaM Flexidress. An absolute confection in earthtones, the first time you put this outfit on, you will (if you are like me), just move around for a while to watch the leaves in the skirt shift and flutter. There are 5 pieces - two skirts that combine for the flowing look, a pant layer for under the skirts that has lots of potential for future mixing, top and gloves. For L$400, this is a dress with a huge amount of flexibility in where it can be worn.
The nearly identically priced LBD Flexidress is another staple purchase - a L$390, it is a flirty yet versatile Little Black Dress for any occasions where the Loren is a bit too much. You can change the overall look of this dress dramatically with various combinations of stockings and footwear - lacy hose and stilettos, ankle boots, patterned stockings and heavy boots, the list just goes on.
Be sure to take a stroll around To The Nines after you finish shopping at LeeZu Baxter Designs (LBD) Main Store.

On the left:
Outfit - LBD Flexidress by LBD
Boots - Bloom (Black) by Maitreya
On the right:
Outfit - MarshaM Flexidress by LBD
Boots - Dune (Red) by Maitreya

Saturday, March 1, 2008

Group Gift of the Month - February

When I first started doing this, I had a few ideas for "special" posts, one of which was to save my group gifts from the month, try them all on and pick the one to feature. Little did I know two things when I decided to do this - the first was that there would be so many great gifts and the second was that I'd wind up picking a skin. Interestingly enough, my second choice was another skin, so I guess it was inevitable that my maiden post in this category would require some creative photography. I have to admit that I paused a few times before uploading the pictures today, but a skin post is kind of pointless if you can't see the skin. Plus, it seemed appropriate for the opening of the Skin Fair today.

February brought some great Valentine's Day inspired gifts in reds and blacks to play with for months to come, the Valentine's Pumps from ::69:: were adorable and the Evie's Closet Chimera Gown in Diamond (exclusive group gift color) is simply gorgeous. I also spent an afternoon trying demos so I could use my L$500 Fleur skin group gift card - great fun for me since Fleur (formerly Tete a Pied) make up a large percentage of my skins. With all those great choices and more, I have to go with the ::Tuli:: S5 Skins group gift as my pick of the month, however.
The day I got the group announcement and attachment, I had just been thinking that what I really needed as a special occasion skin was one with a very natural look and dramatic eyes. Now, I don't often change my skin unless a particular outfit or look really demands it, so having not one, but 7 skin tones with a natural makeup and fabulous eyes drop out of the sky on me just made my day. Ranging from goth to exotic with everything in between and a variety of tans and tones, there is a skin here for nearly every occasion or event. A big thank you to ::Tuli:: and all the groups that are so generous with their members!

(Group Name - Tuli Update Group, Cost to Join - L$0, Group Tag - TULI-holic)