Sunday, November 30, 2008

EarthStones - Halo of the Dark Sun

RL yeesh... but enough about that. Other than the holidays, I've got smooth sailing into the new year, so I've been busy sorting and sifting through huge piles of clothes and shoes and tattoos and, yes, even more lingerie. I'll be blogging a few scraps of leather and bits of lace from Nymphetamine, then headed to the I's with Insolence and Intimizzio...but I'd like to start with a breathtaking design from a staple of my wardrobe - EarthStones.

For my "Yup, I'm back" post, I'm featuring a gorgeous little piece that Abraxxa Anatine over at EarthStones did first as a custom piece and has now released to the lucky public. In both men's and women's styles, Halo of the Dark Sun is a delight in blood red and black stones, dramatic enough to stand alone as the focal point of an outfit, stylized enough to blend with the noir side of your wardrobe. At L$500, this is a spectacular piece of artwork, with symbolic filigree orbited and centered with runed spheres.

Pick up the Halo of the Dark Sun (but don't stop there) at the EarthStones Main Store at EarthBound.

Hair - TossMeAround (Black) by Bishwear
Eyes - Transparency Shine Eyes (Forest Green) by Glanz
Glasses - Danielle Black Glasses by Insolence
Earrings - Desmodus (Black Steel/Red Jasper) by EarthStones
Piercing - Bali Lip Ring (Labradorite/Silver) by EarthStones
Necklace - Halo of the Dark Sun by EarthStones
Sweater - Full Sculpted Knit Jacket (Black) by CE Cubic Effect