Sunday, December 19, 2010

Times Change - Rez Day 2010

Wow, I've had a blast - hard to believe it's been three years.  I've seen tons of terrific builds, met great people, taken lots of classes, discovered amazing creations everywhere.  And the changes - the clothes and hair and skin have changed so much, so many new things have been introduced and the techniques and skills of the designers have advanced by leaps and bounds.  Anyway, for my rez day this year, I decided to go back and grab one of my early blog photos and put it together with a similar headshot from today.  I wish I'd have done a headshot every year (but I think I will from here on out).


Then (early 2008):

Happy Holidays, Everyone!  :)

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ToBe Beck said...

Happy Rezz-Day, sweet Trib, and thank you for joining SL and making it a wonderful place to be. Happy holiday.